Breath Of the Wild Review

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game  Details

Hey, guys hope you have all been safe! As promised I have published my Breath Of the Wild game review so enjoy! Breath Of the Wild is a vast and dynamic game to provides quite the user experience. This Legend of Zelda game provides the user with many encounters and almost infinite room to make their own decision. Breath Of the Wild gives the user freedom and allows them to play the way they want to play.

Every good game has to have a good storyline and Breath Of the Wild is no different. The story is orientated on Link, the main character waking up from 100 years of slumber. His memories are lost and you need to guide him on the path to defeating the greatest evil. Calamity Ganon, Breath Of the Wild’s main villain holds Hyrule in his hands and Link must stop him. I found the storyline very interesting and I was extremely captivated. Besides the main quest in Breath Of the Wild, there are also side quests. These side quests grant the player freedom the continue how they wish. You might not even want to attempt the main quest till way later in the game after all it’s all up to you. This brings us to the next main section of reviewing a game: Mechanics.

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Breath Of the Wild not only has a flawless storyline but also has great mechanics. Its graphics are unrivaled and its survival aspect is great too. The graphics in Breath Of the Wild are clear and animated. They seem to portray a beautiful world that is beyond our imagination. I find myself just staring at the beauty of the world. As I said earlier it is clearly unrivaled. Next, the combat system in Breath Of the Wild is quite clean. It provides a unique experience that gives lots of freedom. The survival aspect of this game is very respected. As you play the main character you have to attend to all his needs. There is food to eat, mountains to climb, shrines to complete, horses to ride, animals to kill, and monsters to fight. It is just that unique of an experience. Even the weapons that you wield have a durability factor where they break after being used too much. Just the complexity and integrity of that idea escapes me but it is just fantastic. I also really like the hearts and stamina aspect of Breath Of the Wild. Hearts are like your life points, losing all of them means you died. In addition, stamina is like a refilling kind of measure. When you sprint, climb, swim, and use charged attacks you use stamina. When you stop conducting that motion then your stamina refills. In Breath Of the Wild, using all your stamina will result in Link collapsing from exhausting himself. If your doing something simple like sprinting you would just stop and wait till your stamina refills. Though if you’re doing something like swimming and climbing it could be fatal. You would drown or let go of the mountain. Stamina is something Breath Of the Wild players should always be cautious of.

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In conclusion, Breath Of the Wild is an excellent game that excels in everything and is in a class of its own. Breath Of the Wild is available to play on the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U! It is priced at about $60 but could be on sale. This price isn’t cheap for a video game but is becoming normal for video games as all new games are being priced at $60. However, in the case of Breath Of the Wild, it is a decent price. This video game is flawless and is well deserved for the $60. Also, Breath Of the Wild comes with a DLC that is priced at $20. The DLC is not entirely worth it but if you enjoy the game and want more it is definitely an option. I just felt the DLC wasn’t worth it as you only get a few more weapons and trials. Not that big of a difference and it definitely isn’t worth $20. If this post helped you please like the page and comment down below. I am open to ideas about future reviews so please comment. Also, follow me if you want notifications about upcoming reviews. There are two ways to follow, make a WordPress Account, or if you already have one use it. Furthermore, you can also become an email follower. Look to the right for the option! Also, read my special announcement in which I plan on implementing a way for notifications without signing up for anything. See you guys in the next one!

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Plantronics Voyager Legend Review

I decided to review this product as lots of you benefitted from previous Plantronics product reviews such as the Plantronics Explorer 50 and the Explorer 240. The Plantronics Voyager Legend is a Bluetooth headset that is extremely comfortable and has good sound quality. It’s a very good Bluetooth headset that exceeds my classic favorite the Plantronics Explorer 50.

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Earpiece Headset (8730003)

The Plantronics Voyager Legend is the perfect fit for long office calls as it’s comfortability is immeasurable. It offers a sleek design that feels light on your ear but won’t come off. I like the design over the Plantronics Explorer 50 as it wraps around your ear better, also giving off a premium feel Although the Voyager Legend is small and compact it provides no short than spectacular sound quality. It has buttons on the back of the headset to adjust the volume. As with all Bluetooth headsets the main selling point is the microphone. I have tested the microphone and it passes the test. The Plantronics Voyager Legend provides clarity when your talking making it easy to understand what you’re saying. On the other hand, the Plantronics Voyager Legend did have poor wind resistance. The Bluetooth headset’s microphone couldn’t handle it and my voice seemed a little incomprehensible. I believe it’s due to the design of the headset as the meek is slim and extended.

Noise-canceling is always something Bluetooth headsets can be measured by. The Plantronics Voyager Legend did perform decently well yet it was not that good compared to the Plantronics Explorer 50. I could hear some background noise and definitely wasn’t satisfied when testing the Plantronics Voyager Legend.

The Plantronics Voyager Legend has smart sensor technology in it. This means that it will know if you are wearing your headset or not. The Plantronics Voyager Legend responds to you wearing your headset by automatically answering an incoming call, transferring an active call from your phone, or resume streaming audio. Taking the Voyager Legend off will transfer the call to your phone and pause streaming audio.

The Plantronics Voyager Legend is compatible with the Find my Headset Mobile App. This as the name implies lets you find your Bluetooth headset which is a useful feature. Other features included in the Plantronics Voyager Legend is the support of A2DP which lets you stream podcasts, audiobooks, music, prompts from GPS navigation apps, and other audio through the headset. You get one free year of this app but after that, it costs $25 USD for a year.

Pairing the Plantronics Voyager Legend is really simple and easy. The first time you turn the Plantronics Voyager Legend on it goes into pairing mode. Just skip to your mobile device and pair the two together. Subsequent pairing can be done by holding down the call button or saying “Pair Mode” into the mic. Additional devices can also be paired to the Plantronics Voyager Legend.

Overall, the Plantronics Voyager Legend is an extremely capable Bluetooth device. It has useful features and excels in the qualities that make a good Bluetooth headset. Though the microphone may be a little flimsy, I think it would be a very smart buy. It is currently priced at about $84 USD on amazon which is a decent price for this headset. If you found this article helpful please be sure to like the post and hopefully follow. Comment down below if you would like to suggest a review for a future post. I will always take your suggestions into account so don’t hesitate. Catch you guys in the next one!

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | Nintendo Switch | Games | Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the most iconic games of the decade. It has brought so many people into its complex world of combat. Its wide variety of playable characters allows for a player to connect on a deeper level. Nintendo has created a truly remarkable game and I’m gonna tell you why you should get it.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the latest version of the Smash Bros. game series. The game is a multiplayer combat game where you play one of the seventy-four characters. Each character has different moves and you utilize these in order to KO your opponent. KO means to send a player’s character off the screen in a way they can’t come back to the battlefield (stage).

Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

This game finds most parties as it’s multiplayer and can support up to 8 people playing at once. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a real-time interactive game making it extremely entertaining. Also Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a really easy game to pick up right away. All it takes is a control stick and two buttons to use all the moves you need. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of those games where experience is helpful. Just play a few games and you’ll find yourself getting used to it already.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has many game modes to occupy you if you don’t have a pal to challenge. It has a storyline mode where one can explore their character’s boundaries by fighting against CPUs. They also unlock new characters by playing the storyline mode. In addition, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate supports online play. Here you can challenge the world’s best and just have fun. This game also has a training mode where you can learn new characters and become friendly with the game.

Overall, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an insane game definitely worth picking up. Whether it’s a gift or you plan on treating yourself, you can never be wrong with this choice. Currently, this game is priced at $60 USD which is decent; it should be on sale during Black Friday and holiday seasons. So, hop right in and start fighting. As a beginner character, I wholeheartedly recommend Lucina to be your main character but it’s entirely your choice. Keep in mind, there is no such thing as a weak character so don’t be discouraged if your character is not common among pros. If this post was interesting or helpful please be sure to like the page down below and hopefully follow. Also if you want any reviews on a game you might plan to buy, write in the comments below and I will review it.

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If your interested on learning how to play better or just start, watch this video!

Beginner Video

Sony Wf-1000xm3 True Wireless Earbuds

Sony has come out with a truly special pair of Earbuds. The Wf-1000xm3 is a well-rounded set of earbuds that come with strong noise-canceling, incredible sound, and a wonderful design. If you looking for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds to this is the one and I am gonna show you why.

Let’s start with one of its major selling points, noise-canceling. Even at the end of 2020, it is still rare for good noise-canceling Bluetooth earbuds. The main one that is besting the market is the infamous Apple AirPod but other companies have equally mastered it. One of these is Sony with these Bluetooth earbuds. The Wf-1000xm3’s allow for quiet and peaceful listening even in noisiest situations. These Bluetooth earbuds are perfect for use on buses, trains, planes, and whatever noisy type of commute you undergo.

Sound is the major component that truly lets one set of earbuds outperform another. The Wf-1000xm3 are in my opinion at par with the AirPods in this category if not even better. Not only do the Wf-1000xm3 sound good but they also feel good. They are comfortable and also have a wonderful, unique design. The appearance offers somewhat of a premium look and feel. Just look at that absolutely clean finish!

Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds (Black) and Speaker |  Groupon

Features are also a major component in picking up a set of Bluetooth Earbuds. In this too Sony’s Wf-1000xm3 does not fall short. On the right earbud touchpad, you can control audio playback, access your voice assistant, and answer and end calls. Furthermore, you can flip through three sound modes, noise-canceling mode on, noise-canceling mode off, and a transparency mode that lets ambient sound in. There is also a sensor in the Wf-1000xm3 that lets it know if you have the earbud in your ear or not. If not the earbud automatically pauses the music; put it back in and it resumes playing the music.

Sony’s Wf-1000xm3 Bluetooth earbuds have up to 6 hours of battery life with noise canceling on and up to 8 hours with it turned off. Sony’s Wf-1000xm3 comes with a portable charging case. It’s a little bulky but has a nice premium, metallic feel to it. The charging case provides three full charges for the Bluetooth earbuds. There is also USB C charging which with a 10 min quick charge would provide 90 minutes of battery life. Pretty impressive right, I know I would want that if I were you.

Overall, this is a splendid piece of technology that I find is worth the investment. Not many people know that there is such a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that are on par with the AirPod pros if not surpassing them in certain areas. The Wf-1000xm3’s are priced a little below the price of Apple’s Airpod Pros. These Bluetooth earbuds are ranged at $230 but are currently on sale for 27% which would make it only $168. This would be a great buy for the upcoming Black Friday sales. If this helped you or you enjoyed the content please like the page and post a comment of what you thought about it. Every comment helps me get feedback so be sure to post one. If you enjoy all my content please follow me so that you can get notifications whenever I post. Thank you guys for your support and I’ll catch you guys in the next one. Stay Safe!

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New iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max!!

iPhone 12 Pro Max' design detailed in new video | AppleInsider

As Apple annually releases their new products in October we have got this year’s new iPhone 12,12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, as well as iPhone 12 mini. Both iPhone 12 and 12 pro are the same size which is 6.1 inches diagonally and 2.82 inches wide; while the mini is 5.4 inches diagonally and 2.53 inches wide. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is 6.7 inches diagonally and 3.07 inches wide. Yes, I know your reaction, Apple has decided to revert back to the sturdy and thick iPhone bezels that we had on the late iPhone 4s. Though I actually prefer thick iPhone bezels as it allows for a better grip and handling. It just feels more compact.

Next, let us talk about performance, all of these iPhones house the new A14 Bionic chip which increases performance significantly. They also all support 5g and have an increased resolution.

-iPhone 12 Mini: Resolution of 2430 x 1080 with 476 pixels per inch

-iPhone 12: Resolution of 2532 x 1170 with 460 pixels per inch

-iPhone 12 Pro: Resolution of 2532 x 1170 with 460 pixels per inch

-iPhone 12 Pro Max: Resolution of 2778 x 1284 with 458 pixels per inch

The battery life of all both the standard iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are identical which is 17 hours of battery life. The iPhone 12 Max packs up to 20 hours as the mini has around 14-15 hours of battery life. The iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and Mini all support fast charging. They can all be half charged in 30 minutes using fast charging. If you don’t have a fast charging adapter they can take up to 2 hours for a full charge.

Now let’s talk camera. This is where the difference between these phones lie. The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max each have three cameras, ultrawide, wide, and telephoto. Also included are Lidar scanner for night mode portraits, faster autofocus in low light, and next-level AR experiences. The iPhone 12 and 12 mini only have the ultrawide and wide camera lenses and don’t have the Lidar scanner. The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max also have an optimal zoom range for photos of 4x and 5x respectively, meanwhile both the iPhone 12 and the mini only have 2x.

The iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 12 mini are decently priced based on other iPhone pricings. The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini are both at $700 and start with 64 GB of SSD , going up to 256 GB. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are at $1,000 and $1,100 respectively and start with 128 GB of SSD and going up to 512 GB.

Overall these new iPhones are surely worth the upgrade as their performance, battery life, cameras, and width has been upgraded for the better. These iPhones also support the new Magsafe accessories that Apple has come out with. Be sure to stay tuned for that upcoming review. If this helped please leave a like on this post and be sure to comment! If you like my content be sure to follow me so you get updated whenever I post. Thank you guys for the support as always and see you in the next one!


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Google Pixel 3 Review

The Google Pixel 3 is an amazing phone created by Google. It comes in 2 sizes ,regular and XL ,and is priced at $799 for the regular and $899 for the XL. When this phone is compared to the iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S9 it stands out due to it’s fantastic camera. The Pixel 3 takes wonderful portraits and pictures with outstanding detail! It also outperforms in low light. This is one of the greatest reasons to buy the Pixel 3! Another crucial aspect on reviewing this phone is the battery life. The Pixel 3 has sufficient battery for an entire day of use. It also features quick charge and wireless charging. The Pixel 3 features Google Assistant and provides help in many ways. One of the most useful ways Google Assistant can help you is by screening your calls. Furthermore, Google asks why the caller is calling ,so you have more information. Overall, the Google Pixel 3 is a great buy!

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Google Home Mini Review

The Google Home Mini is a voice-assistant created by google and is priced at $25. It is an amazing product due to its ability to perform many tasks. For example, playing music, calling, and controlling your smart home devices  are just some of its features. Having outstanding speakers makes the Google Home Mini the perfect device to play your favorite catchy tunes! It can be connected via Bluetooth to be a Bluetooth speaker for any device. This device has a really good microphone enabling it to hear you from far away. Google Home Mini can also bring family fun with games such as freeze dance and musical chairs. Overall, the Google Home Mini is a great voice assistant with many features. I would rate it 10 out of 10!

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Nest Hello Video Doorbell Review

The Nest Hello is a great video doorbell offering a ton of awesome features for only around $200. This doorbell is an awesome pick to help keep your house safe. First of all, it is a smart home device ,so you can monitor your front door from your phone anywhere in the world 24/7. It has clear camera with night vision and HD video quality ,so you can figure out who’s knocking. It has a 160° range of vision to cover a lot of space. Another neat feature is that you can have pre-recorded messages. These messages will play when you are not available. It uses sound and motion alerts to detect visitors. It can also recognize family and friends and will give a special alert. Overall, this is a great buy! It is even better with Black Friday around the corner. You can get 50 percent off if you buy it now!

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