Google Pixel 3 Review

The Google Pixel 3 is an amazing phone created by Google. It comes in 2 sizes ,regular and XL ,and is priced at $799 for the regular and $899 for the XL. When this phone is compared to the iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S9 it stands out due to it’s fantastic camera. The Pixel 3 takes wonderful portraits and pictures with outstanding detail! It also outperforms in low light. This is one of the greatest reasons to buy the Pixel 3! Another crucial aspect on reviewing this phone is the battery life. The Pixel 3 has sufficient battery for an entire day of use. It also features quick charge and wireless charging. The Pixel 3 features Google Assistant and provides help in many ways. One of the most useful ways Google Assistant can help you is by screening your calls. Furthermore, Google asks why the caller is calling ,so you have more information. Overall, the Google Pixel 3 is a great buy!

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Google Home Mini Review

The Google Home Mini is a voice-assistant created by google and is priced at $25. It is an amazing product due to its ability to perform many tasks. For example, playing music, calling, and controlling your smart home devices  are just some of its features. Having outstanding speakers makes the Google Home Mini the perfect device to play your favorite catchy tunes! It can be connected via Bluetooth to be a Bluetooth speaker for any device. This device has a really good microphone enabling it to hear you from far away. Google Home Mini can also bring family fun with games such as freeze dance and musical chairs. Overall, the Google Home Mini is a great voice assistant with many features. I would rate it 10 out of 10!

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Nest Hello Video Doorbell Review

The Nest Hello is a great video doorbell offering a ton of awesome features for only around $200. This doorbell is an awesome pick to help keep your house safe. First of all, it is a smart home device ,so you can monitor your front door from your phone anywhere in the world 24/7. It has clear camera with night vision and HD video quality ,so you can figure out who’s knocking. It has a 160° range of vision to cover a lot of space. Another neat feature is that you can have pre-recorded messages. These messages will play when you are not available. It uses sound and motion alerts to detect visitors. It can also recognize family and friends and will give a special alert. Overall, this is a great buy! It is even better with Black Friday around the corner. You can get 50 percent off if you buy it now!

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Apple iPad Pro Review

The most powerful Apple tablet released is the iPad Pro 2017 model. It is a very capable device and is priced at around $649 for the 10.5 inch display and $799 for the 12.9 inch display. This miraculous device is available in 4 color options which consists of silver, gold, space gray, and rose gold. The iPad Pro has one of the most advanced display’s in the world ;better than most PC laptops. It features a retina display which brings brightness and clarity to a whole new level. It also contains an A10X fusion chip which enables it to edit 4k videos and create 3d drawings on the go. Even pictures are crystal clear due to this chip! With this much capacity it even has a full-day battery life. The Apple Pencil can be used with the iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil is a gadget/stylus that can be used to enhance this iPad’s performance. For example, it can be used for note-taking, drawing, and even browsing. Sadly, it is bought separately for $99. Overall, the iPad Pro is a remarkable device worth buying for kid’s use or even your work use.

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Apple AirPods Review

The Apple AirPods are an astonishing pair of multi-functional Bluetooth earbuds that were launched by Apple on December 13, 2016. It is an outstanding product that features many unique ways that are first being used in technology. This includes the AirPod’s small portable battery-charging case. Sadly, the case is the only possible way to charge the AirPods so you have to allows bring it with you. The AirPods case can be charged via lightning cable. The AirPods has a fascinating pair function. The first time you open the AirPods case to get the AirPods, these earbuds automatically pair to the closest Apple product that has Bluetooth online. This is a neat feature when it comes to quick pairing. A thing to remember when buying the AirPods would be that they function best with iPhones and have more features when paired with and iPhone so this product would only be recommended if you have apple devices. These extended features would include using Siri, attending calls, and a few more. The AirPods are priced at about $159! Overall, I believe they are a product worth buying if you need a Bluetooth earbuds.

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Fitbit Ionic vs. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier (Which one to buy!) Special Edition

First of all, many people in the world use smartwatches. Smart watches have many features and help with many more things than telling the simple time. Some of the best smartwatches originate from major companies in this business such as Samsung and Fitbit. Each one releasing premium watches that provide so many features but overall it comes down to this question. Which one should I buy? Well, that why you are reading this article, to find out which watch is better. So let’s get started!

Samsung offers their newest product which is the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. This amazing top-class smart watch prices at about $350 for the dark gray version and about $421 for the black color version. The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has a cellular option available so that you can use your watch freely without worrying if it is connected to your phone. You can get an AT&T plan separately for your watch. This path is a little bit on the expensive side but can be very helpful and useful. Just so you now even without the cellular option the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is a major work of art. This high-quality watch can be used to also track your fitness and health. It automatically realizes when you are running or sleeping and track it. This data will be converted to your Samsung health app to show you your progress. Also, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier can change watch faces and settings without using the app. This is a major upgrade from the previous model and can be very helpful sometimes. Another fascinating fact is that the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier can download applications and apps so that you can use them right on your watch. It allows you to never be apart from your games and work. Even though this watch may seem very expensive it is totally worth the huge price and has many different smartwatches don’t possess. This allows the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier to rank high among its competitors.

Fitbit, a fitness smartwatch company has produced their best in the form of the new Fitbit Ionic. Even though the Ionic may not be their latest edition, the Ionic is the most capable. First of all, the Ionic is a fitness smartwatch and does not have as many features as the Samsung Gear S3. The Fitbit Ionic can come in four different color options (Blue-Gray/ Silver-$249.95, Charcoal/ Smoke Gray-$249.95, Ink Blue/ Ice Gray, and Slate-$279.95, Blue/ Burnt Orange-$249.95). The Fitbit Ionic does not have a cellular option but does not have to be near your phone to function. It supplies all it features without Wifi. The Fitbit Ionic tracks all your steps, heartbeat, calories, active minutes, miles, and much more. It also can have apps downloaded on it. This includes games, news, calendars, etc. All the features can be accessed in the Fitbit Ionic with different unique gestures. The Fitbit Ionic is the best on the market for a fitness smartwatch. Also the Ionic can have downloaded music files stored for listening use. This amazing watch also features Bluetooth and can be paired to earbuds and headphones to enjoy your music anywhere without Wifi.

Overall, both watches are a great option. Though when you narrow it down it all depends on which type of watch you are looking for. The Fitbit Ionic is a greater option for a person looking for a watch that is meant for fitness but also has some smartwatch qualities. Meanwhile, the Samsung Gear S3 is for a person needing a multi-feature smartwatch.

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Google Pixelbook Review

On October 4, 2017 Google released their new product, the Google Pixelbook. This new computer was meant to be like an upgraded Chromebook. Google built new features and specs into it to make it a more capable and powerful device. The Google Pixelbook is priced around $999- $1,649. Though this fashionable Chromebook is priced very high it is worth the price due to it’s new features. It has an Intel Core i7 with 128 GB of SSD storage. The Google Pixelbook is the first Chromebook to be able to run all mobile apps via Google Play Store. The Pixelbook also has a touch screen feature which can be used to it’s full capability with the Pixel pen ,which is bought separately and costs about $99. The Pixelbook houses more storage than any other Chromebook from the company before. At max you can get 512GB of flash storage. The Google Pixelbook also features the new Google voice assistant. Overall, the Google Pixelbook is a perfect buy for anyone needing a very capable computer. The Google Pixelbook specializes for students entering middle or high school due to it’s convenient ways.

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