Plantronics Explorer 50 Review

The Plantronics Explorer 50 is a Bluetooth headset. This is an awesome piece of tech because it is very capable. First of all, this headset packs an 11 hour battery and takes 60-90 minutes to charge. This headset has many features starting with the fact that is can pick up calls. In the same way, it also has the feature to redial to the last person you called. The Plantronics Explorer 50 has a good microphone so that people can hear you clearly. It also  has a good volume so that you can hear the person you are talking to. This Bluetooth headset also can adjust your volume which is an important factor when you are driving. Another fascinating feature about this device is that it features voice assistance and voice guided pairing. These are amazing to have due to the fact that you don’t even have to touch y our phone! Finally, this is my review on the Plantronics Explorer 50.

Image result for Plt E50 Image result for Plt E50

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